Where to go to learn JavaScript

JavaScript- What is it?

JavaScript is a programming language that allows your pages to "do" things or become interactive.There are a lot of definitions out there for JavaScript but like so many other things with JavaScript; they are as different as night and day

JavaScript is used for everything from creating simple web apps, to querying information from other sites to add to your page for things like weather apps, news, calanders etc...

JavaScript is easily the most misunderstood and convoluted language out there beause there is so much misinformation about it. Learn from good sources and learn good practices and the web will be yours!!

JavaScript- What does it do?

JavaScript is used mainly to add interactivity to web pages and is one of the most popular programming language out there. However, it can be used for many things. From simple on the fly changes all the way to server side languages. JavaScript can be used.

Be very careful where you go to learn JavaScript because there are many out there that will not teach you to code properly.

JavaScript can just about do anything in one form or another

JavaScript- Where to Learn