Where to Learn Web Development

BPE is a site that will give you hints and tips for where to go to learn Web Development

Learning Web development can be quite a a process. Especially if you don’t know “where” to find the best places to learn. Most of these places are completely free and others have a free membership and a paid membership but for the most part you should be able to learn web developing almost completely free.

I started this process a while back and have learned quite a bit and have an extensive library of resources.

I am not going to teach you but I will guide you to some of the greatest programs out there that will enlighten you on how to be a web developer

Basic Languages

You will need to learn the basics as well as some frameworks as well

Below is a list of basic languages and frameworks that I have found important enough to dedicate an entire page to. In plain English “This is a list of what you need to know and in what order you need to learn them".

What you Need to KNow

  1. HTML - language
  2. CSS - language
  3. BootStrap - framework
  4. JavaScript – language
  5. JQuery - framework
  6. AJAX - framework

Before your get Started you Should get Connected to these Resources Below

Get Connected

Go to Codepen.io and get signed up

Go to JS Fiddle and get signed up

Go to Github and get signed up

Download an editor like Atom or Sublime

Go to Youtube and get an account with them as well to develop a list of videos and subscribe to channels